Evangelion: End of Evangelion


Label format: CD

Total 1 rating(s): 5/5



01. Outside Interference 02:17
02. Midsummer's End 02:20
03. From Emergency Refuge Into Regression 04:13
04. From Falsehood, Rebirth 02:25
05. Vicarious Invasion 03:26
06. II Air (ORCHESTRAL SUITE No.3 in D Major, BWV.1068) [not original score] 03:21
J.S. Bach
07. The Flow of Emptiness 06:14
08. Thanatos - If I Can't Be Yours [song] 04:48
Shiro Sagisu/Loren and Mash
09. Escape to the Beginning 04:56
10. Anxiety-Ridden Honeymoon 01:36
11. Komm, Süsser Tod / Amaki shi yo, kitare (M-10 Director's Edit. Version) [song] 07:41
Shiro Sagisu/Arianne
12. Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude (Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben BWV.147) [not original score] 04:46
Jan Paneka
13. The Enlargement of Obstruction 06:49
14. A Hole in the Dream 01:25
Total time of CD 00:56:17
Total time of original score and songs 00:48:10


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HejTy 5/5


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