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2046 *2004
21 seiki e no densetsushi Shigeo Nagashima ZMCZ-657 2000/11/29
2X2=Shinobuden OST *2004
3x3 Eyes Image Album 1 - Ten no Maki (Heaven Volume) KICA-23 1990
3x3 Eyes Image Album 2 - Hito no Maki (Mankind Volume) KICA-34 1990
3x3 Eyes Image Album 3 - Chi no Maki (Earth Volume) KICA-61 1991
3x3 Eyes OST1 KICA-65 1991
3x3 Eyes OST2 KICA-71 1991
3x3 Eyes OST3 KICA-107 1992
3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu OST1 - Matsuei Fudanshi KICA 247 1995
3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu OST2 KICA 305 1996
A un 1989/11/21
Abarenbo Shogun ABCS-1007 1999/09/22
AD Police Stage 'A' AYCM-658 *1999
AD Police Stage 'Z' AYCM-660 *1999
Adieu, Galaxy Express 999 OST *1981
Adventures of Chatran, The *1986
Adventures of Gaku, The TOCT-6134 1991
After Life CR0017 1999/04/30
After the Rain COCP-30829 2000/02/19
After War Gundam X Side 1 KICA-313 *1996
After War Gundam X Side 2 *1996
After War Gundam X Side 3 *1996
Agri *1997
Ah! My Goddess TV OST1 2005
Ah! My Goddess TV OST2 GNCA-1041 2005/06/24
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie OST PCCG-00556 2000
Ahiru no uta ga kikoete kuru yo COCD-9203 1993
Ai Yori Aoshi OST1 - Sakura PICA-1250 *2002
Ai Yori Aoshi OST2 - Kantsubaki PICA-1251 2002
Air Master OST VPCG-84786 2003
Aishiteruze Beibe OST 2004
Aka-chan to Boku OST TYCY-5516 *1996
Akahige *1965
Akira OST VDR-1538 1988/10/10
Akira Symphonic Suite VDR-1532 1988/06/27
Albator '84 BO LR-677026 *1982
Alien 9 OST COCX-31694 *2001
All of a Sudden, Like a Storm... BVCR-17030 2004/02/25
Alumni Reunion *1993
Always Together *2003
Amaenaideyo!! Soundtrack Summer Side *2005
Amaenaideyo!! Soundtrack Winter Side VPCG-84826 2006/01/25
An Early Spring Story *1985
Anata No Tonari Ni Dareka Iru *2003
Angel Links OST1 - All My Soul APCM-5131 *1999
Angel Links OST2 - True Moon APCM-5139 *1999
Angel Sanctuary LACA-5006 2000
Angel Sanctuary Drama OST 1999
Angel's Egg OST TKCA-71938 2000


Japanese Film Music

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