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Music for Japanese animations (anime) is not as different from "normal" film music as someone might expect. The same way anime movies were originally inspired by western animation (mainly Disney), anime music is inspired by western music - but Japan, being so rich in history and culture, didn't just copycat the western style, but developed the original cartoon into many other genres. The same is true about scores for these movies - you can find real musical jewels among them, unfortunately overlooked by most of soundtrack listeners.

Nevertheless, anime scores do have many devoted listeners in the ranks of anime fans - there are even more people interested in anime soundtracks among anime fans than people interested in "common" soundtracks among "common" movies fans. But only few of them are enough "soundtrack-educated" to know the score composers by their names... related information is very sparse on the internet, and only a few web databases actually care about the authors of the music.... later on this page are links to some sites that I find useful and interesting.

Purpose of this section is to create a database of composers and released anime music that can help anyone to find some information about their favorite soundtracks and composers.


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Anime Music

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