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Angel's Tail OST1 LACA-5082 *2001
Angel's Tail OST2 LACA-5087 *2001
Angelic Layer OST1 AVCA-14177 2001
Angelic Layer OST2 AVCA-14208 2001
Another Battle *2000
Another Heaven *2000
Antarctic Journal 2005
Antique Shop Lady *1983
Antonio Gaudi *1984
Anything for You *1999
Ao no Jidai 1998
Aoi SRCR-2505 2000/03/07
Aoi Tori FHCF-2401 1997/11/21
Appleseed OST SRCP-371~2 2004/03/24
Aquarian Age OST VICL-60840 *2002
Arashi no Yoru ni OST PCCR-00427 2005/11/23
Arc the Lad OST1 *1999
Arc the Lad OST2 *1999
Arcadia of My Youth OST1 COCC-13215 1996
Arcadia of My Youth OST2 COCC-13268 1996
Arctic II POOP-20307 1989/12/21
Area 88 OST KICA-2113 1993/09/01
Area 88 Sound File 1 AVCA-14893 2004
Area 88 Sound File 2 AVCA-14953 2004
Argento Soma OST1 VICL-60623 2000
Argento Soma OST2 VICL-60624 2001
Aria OST VICL-61795 2005/11/23
Arion OST *1986
Arion Symphonic Suite TKCA-70800 1986
Armitage III - Dual Matrix OST PIO-CD-5180-2 2002
Armitage III OVA OST - Music Edition PICA-1050 *1994
Armitage III: Polymatrix OST - Cybermatrix PICA-1098 *1997
As the River Flows COCP-30887 2000/04/29
Asagiri no Miko OST1 KICA-583 2002/11/22
Ashura-jô no hitomi VICL-61582 2005/04/13
Asian Blue FHCF-2257 2001/11/15
Asunaro Hakusho FHCF-2129 1993/11/01
Atragon TYCY-5502 1996/11/07
Autumn Rain *1998
Avenger OST VICL-61218 *2003
Away with Words *1999
Ayashi no Ceres OST1 - Celestial PCCG-00539 2000
Ayashi no Ceres OST2 - Destined *2000
Ayashi no Ceres OST3 - Eternal *2000
Azumanga Daioh - The Very Short Movie OST 2002
Azumanga Daioh OST1 LACA-5111 2002
Azumanga Daioh OST2 LACA-5128 2002
Azumi FLCF-3949 *2003
B'tX OST1 GGG-179 *1996
B'tX OST2 GGG-180 *1996


Japanese Film Music

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