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Oh My Goddess! OST1 PCCG-00237 1993
Oh My Goddess! OST2 PCCG-00258 1994
Okoge 873 145 1993
Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety OST *1999
One Hot Summer *2001
One Piece OST1 *1999
One Piece OST2 *1999
One Piece OST3 *1999
One Summer Memories *1994
One Summer's Day *1999
Onegai Teacher Sound Collection 1 *2002
Onegai Teacher Sound Collection 2 *2002
Onegai Twins TV Image Soundtrack Soleil LACA-5194 2003
Only Yesterday TKCA-30331 1991
Only Yesterday Image Album TKCA-30188 1990
Orange Days UPCH 1354 2004/06
Oriume *2002
Otaku no Video OST TYCY-5180 1991/09/20
Other Side of Midnight, The *1992
Otoko-tachi no Yamato FLCF-4088 2005/12/14
Out PHCL-5128 1999/11/10
Outlanders VDR-1308 1986/11/02
Outlaw Souls/Graveyard of Honor KIDS2001 *2002
Outlaw Star OST1 VICL-60183 1998
Outlaw Star OST2 VICL-60183 1998


Japanese Film Music

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