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G-On Riders OST *2002
Gad Guard OST 2003
Gakko I-III BVCF-37001 1998
Galaxy Angel 4th OST BRFC-3037 *2004
Galaxy Angel OST *2001
Galaxy Express 999 - Symphonic Poem 1997/01/21
Galaxy Express 999 TV OST & BGM *1978
Galaxy Railways BGM & Drama COCX-32546 2004/01/21
Gamera II: Advent of Legion TKCA-70927 1996/07/08
Gamera III TKCA-71570 1999/02/24
Gamera vs Guiron VAPCD-81159 1996/07/01
Gamera vs. Monster X / Gamera vs. Zigra VAPCD-81160 1996/07/01
Gamera vs. Viras VAPCD-81158 1996/07/01
Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe TKCA-70596 1995/02/25
Gankutsuou Classic Compliation 2005
Gankutsuou OST VICL-61551 2005/02/23
Gasaraki Image Album VICL-60297 *1998
Gasaraki OST1 1998
Gasaraki OST2 1999
Gatekeepers 21 OST PCCG-00594 2003
Gatekeepers OST1 *2000
Gatekeepers OST2 *2000
Gedo Senki OST TKGA-503 2006/07/12
Gemini *1997
Gemini 1999
Gene *1999
Gene Vol 2 *1999
Generation Fernseh-Kult: Nils Holgersson B0002AH13M 2004
Generation Fernseh-Kult: Wickie B0001GYH52 2004
Genshiken OST LACA-9041 2004/12/01
Gensomaden Saiyuki: Requiem OST *2001
Getbackers OST1 *2002
Getbackers OST2 - Twins 2003
Getter Robo TV BGM *1974
Getting Blue in Color H33C-25009 1988/12/16
Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster TYCY-5349 1993/12/22
Ghost Hunt VICL-60162 1998/01/21
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex - Be Human VICL-61217 2003
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex OST1 VICL-61051 2003
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex OST2 VICL-61232 2004
Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex OST3 2005
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence OST 2004
Ghost in the Shell OST *1995
Giant Robo (Symphonic) *1992
Giant Robo Music File VPCD-81256 1998/06/21
Giant Robo OST1 1992
Giant Robo OST2 APCM-5008 1993
Giant Robo OST3 1994
Giant Robo OST4 COCC-11447 1994
Giant Robo OST5 COCC-11982 1995


Japanese Film Music

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