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Da Capo OST1 - Amoroso LACA-5226 2003
Da Capo OST2 - Brillante LACA-5261 2004
Dagora, The Space Monster TYCY-5503 1996/11/07
Dangerous Liaisons *1999
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue OST1 2004
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue OST2 2004
Dareka ga Kanojo wo Aishiteru 1992
Dark Waters UMCK-1087 2002/01/17
Days of Youth *1996
Dead or Alive Final *2001
DearS OST 2004
Deatta Koro no Kimi de Ite FHCF-2166 1994/05/25
Deep Fear *1998
Densha otoko *2005
Densha otoko ESCL-2655 2005/06/01
Der Lindenbaum *1988
Dersu Uzala *1975
Deserted City, The *1983
Destroy All Monsters CD/004 2003/10/28
Detonator Orgun OST1 POCH-2025 1991
Detonator Orgun OST2 POCH-2026 1991
Detonator Orgun OST3 POCH-2027 1992
Devil Hunter Yohko OST KICA-41 1990/02/21
Devilman *2005
Devilman TV BGM Collection *1972
Devilman TV OST COCC-12398 1995
Diary of Anne Frank, The 1995
Die Sterntaler *1995
Die Sterntaler 2 *1996
Die Sterntaler II VICL-8210 1996/11/21
Dodes'kaden *1970
Dog God MDCL-1404 2001
Dog of Flanders (promo) 1999
Dog of Flanders, The TOCT-9847 1997/03/05
Doku FLCF-3672 1996/11/21
Dolls UPCH-1191 2002/10/02
Don't Be a Cry Baby *1999
Double Tragedy *1998
Dragon Fist *1990
Dragon Head TBCD-3000 2003/09/30
Dragon Quest VII *2001
Dreams/Rhapsody in August/Madadayo AK-0014 2002
Drifting Classroom, The *1987
Dun-Huang *1988


Japanese Film Music

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